The 52

Artist Anthony Liggins says he creates artworks that embody “nourishment of the spirit, and the connections that are hidden but exist between us all.” He is inspired by Zen philosophy as well as his travels and experiences. Liggins is a Florida-based artist whose works have been exhibited and collected throughout the world.

Liggins’ sculpture Angel Number 52 is specifically composed for the 52 World living community. In both aesthetics and concept, the sculpture represents harmony and balance. An angel number is a number that repeats and that one encounters over and over throughout a life. It represents the number of acres in the 52 World living community. 52 is also the number of years Mayan civilization believed it took for an individual to complete one cycle of life and attain wisdom of both the seen and the unseen worlds. Similarly, the Julian calendar counts one cycle around the sun as 52 weeks.